At Wellspire Medical Group, we offer a wide range of medical testing to help our patients identify and monitor potential health problems. Our internal medicine branch offers comprehensive testing and treatment, including spirometry testing. Spirometry is a common test, done in-office in order to assess how healthy your lungs are. This test is performed by measuring the amount of air you inhale, how much you exhale, and the speed in which you exhale. We perform these tests on-site for you convenience to patients of all ages.


Spirometry is the test doctors use to diagnose asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and other conditions that affect a patient’s breathing. Spirometry may also be used over an extended period of time in order to monitor patients with lung conditions. This test helps doctors to gauge how well treatments and medications are working to improve the patient’s ability to breathe without obstruction.


Our doctors may suggest a patient have a spirometry test, if they show any signs or symptoms of a lung condition such as:




-Chronic bronchitis


-Pulmonary fibrosis


What To Expect During The Test

When you come into Wellspire Medical Group for a spirometry test, you will be required to breathe deeply into a tube that is attached to a machine. This machine is called a spirometer. Before the testing begins, you will be given specific instructions for how you should breathe into a tube connected to the spirometer. It is important that you follow these instructions closely in order to get accurate results from your test. If you feel like you do not understand the directions given to your for the test, ask questions.


In most cases, you will be sitting for the duration of your test. Once you are sitting a clip will be placed over your nose to block the airways to your nostrils. This is done in order to see how strong your ability to breathe through your mouth without your nose is. You will be instructed to take a deep breath and exhale as hard as you can for several seconds into the tube. Your lips will need to create a strong seal around the tube so no air leaks out. When air leaks out it will cause your results to be skewed. For consistency, you will be instructed to complete this process multiple times. The process generally takes 15 minutes or less to complete, unless the results show too much variation. If your results vary too much, you will be instructed to take the test again.


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