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Vision Screening in Humble TX

In order for your child to be successful in school and otherwise, it will be important to ensure they have clear vision; this is a key factor in your child’s development. Your child’s vision system will not be fully developed as a baby or young child. Both eyes must work together in order to put out equal input for your child’s brain to properly understand what it is seeing, If your child’s vision is not adjusted early on it can cause them limited vision their entire life. If a doctor detects something is wrong with your child’s sight during a vision screening, they may need an additional eye exam.

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Our children are not only special to us, they are the future of tomorrow. This is why at Wellspire Medical Group, we have made it a mission to bring families peace of mind knowing their children are getting the best care from our Pediatrics Practice in Humble, TX. We provide reliable treatment in a warm environment to keep our patients comfortable and get them healthy.

We not only work to provide solutions for ill children, we also strive to preserve the well-being and secure the longevity of healthy children. Our Pediatric Practice in Humble, TX delivers high-quality services in a modern facility with everything your child will need to get top of the line healthcare. We look forward to working with your family to find the best solutions for your children’s needs.

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