If you are experiencing pain in your heel or foot, it might be prime time to go see a podiatrist.

What Causes Pain in the Heel of the Foot?

There are various reasons why you might be experiencing pain in the heel of the foot. Some of the causes of heel pain include plantar fasciitis, achilles or flexor tendonitis (also called tendonitis), foot deformities, bone spurs, inflammation of tendons, bursitis, or Morton’s neuroma.

People experiencing pain symptoms might describe inflammation in the tissue underneath the foot, stabbing pain that occurs in the mornings, increased pain in the foot when standing up or walking, or pain around the joints or bones.

How to Get Rid of Heel Pain

It is important to go see a doctor if you are experiencing pain in the heel of the foot that is persisting and doesn’t go away with home remedies. These home remedies include elevating the foot, applying cold compresses, staying off the affected area for a few days, getting rest, allowing time to heal, and making sure to wear shoes that fit properly.

Sports injuries, Morton’s neuroma, and wounds are some causes of heel pain that Wellspire specializes in treating. Both causes are not easy to handle alone, and Wellspire can help.

Sports Injuries

If you play sports, you might find yourself experiencing pain in the heel of the foot. Custom shoe inserts called orthotics correct for imbalances or deformities, alleviate multiple foot problems, and relieve heel pain. Most professional athletes use custom orthotics or some type of arch support in their shoes to help them perform their jobs. Even powerlifters, strong men, football players, and dancers can use a unique orthotic to help prevent pain in their feet and help put them at a better biomechanical advantage to improve their outcomes.

You may need to make an appointment with a specialist to treat your heel pain in the case of a sports injury. Wellspire can uniquely tailor your orthotics to your particular situation centered around the activities in which you regularly engage.

Morton’s Neuroma

Nerve pain in the foot is one of the worst types of pain in the foot. A Morton’s neuroma is a specific benign nerve tumor that can cause pain that radiates to the toe. Usually, patients feel as if they are stepping on a pebble in their socks. While there are multiple points of nerve pain in the foot, a Morton’s neuroma is a common site of pressure and pain that many people experience.

While a Morton’s neuroma is difficult to treat alone, our physicians have multiple special techniques to assist including medications, orthotics, toe spacers, and injections.

Wound Care

A wound or ulcer is a defect or a tear in the skin that is usually caused by increased pressure on the area. The wound forms when a pressure blister progresses to deeper tissue. A podiatrist heals ulcers or wounds quickly by using multiple treatment options including regenerative medicine like grafts that are not always available in other wound care facilities.

At Wellspire, our podiatrists heal ulcers or wounds effectively by using multiple treatment options including regenerative medicine like grafts that are not always available in other wound care facilities.

Expert Podiatrist in Humble, TX

Wellspire Medical Group’s team of foot and ankle specialists knows the ins and outs of podiatry. We are foot and ankle specialists who are dedicated to advanced foot and ankle care. If you are looking for a wound care center, heel pain relief, if you have an infected ingrown toenail and need ingrown toenail treatment, or if you are experiencing sprains, strains, and fractures, see us today. We specialize in issues like diabetic foot checkups, foot and ankle fractures, wound care, and foot trauma.

Utilizing our amazing facility, we work closely with you to make sure you are receiving the most out of your treatment. Whether you need foot or ankle surgery, wound care, or if you are dealing with a foot injury, we are a highly skilled podiatrist in Humble, TX. Contact us today.


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