The word, “Vasectomy,’ can be a source of anxiety for many men, who are plagued with fears and insecurities about the procedure and the side effects following the procedure. Vasectomies are simple procedures that work as a form of birth control for men who wish to engage in intercourse without the fear of impregnating their partner.


Below is a list of fact about getting a vasectomy, that can help clear up some misconceptions and explain the benefits to having this procedure performed:


They Are Effective: Vasectomies are one of the most effective forms of birth control. Men who undergo this procedure have less than a 1 percent chance of impregnating their partner afterwards, making it more effective than condoms or birth control pills.

They Are Low Risk: Vasectomies are considered low-risk and simple procedures. While all surgeries come with risk factors, vasectomies are not typically complicated. Even if their is a complication it most commonly is infection, bleeding, or pain, all of which can be easily treated.

Sexual Functionality Is The Same: Many men worry that having this procedure done will have the potential to affect their sexual function. This however is not the case! You will experience no change in hormones and your penis will not be altered or cut. Vasectomies only focus on the tube that transports the sperm.

You Still Make Sperm: Your body will still produce sperm at a normal rate. However, instead of coming out of the body it will be reabsorbed into the body. This may seem strange but this is how the female body functions as well.


Over Quickly: Not only are vasectomies simple procedures, they are also quick procedures! The actual procedure itself will be under 20 minutes, your entire appointment will probably last about an hour.

Done At The Dr.’s Office: This procedure is so simple and easy that it typically can be performed in your doctor’s office. This makes it much easier on you and your wallet to have the procedure without the need for an operation room.

You Are Not Put Under: One of the highest risks associated with surgery is being put under. Anesthesia adds a whole list of potential risk factors and complications. With a vasectomy a local anesthetic is all that will be needed in order to perform the surgery effectively.


Safer Than A Woman Having Her Tubes Tied: Vasectomies are associated with far less complications than when a woman undergoes the female equivalent, having her tubes tied.


The Procedure Is Reversible: In the event you ever decide to change your mind about not wanting to have children, the procedure is reversible! This is good news for those who worry about the finality of the procedure.

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