Whenever you have kidney disease, it is important for your health to follow a kidney-friendly diet. This means avoiding foods that are high in certain nutrients and sticking to foods that promote healthy kidney function.


Dietary restrictions and guidelines for those with kidney damage vary greatly and should be discussed with your doctor. Below is a general guideline of nutrients that typically should be consumed with caution. Monitoring your intake of these can help to promote healthier kidney function in those struggling with kidney disease:

Sodium: Sodium is almost everything we eat these days, especially fast food and prepackaged meats. Sodium is difficult for damaged kidneys to process out of your body. If you consume high amounts of sodium at a rate that your kidneys cannot filter it can cause you to have too much sodium in your blood. Talk to your doctor to find out how much sodium is acceptable in your diet.


Potassium: Potassium is an important nutrient that your body requires in order to properly function. However, much like sodium, whenever you have kidney disease it can be difficult to process out of the body. Foods that are naturally high in potassium that should be avoided are nuts, potatoes, bananas, dairy products, avocados, and processed meats.


Phosphorus: Phosphorus also can be difficult for the kidneys to process. Some foods that have high levels of phosphorus are chocolate, beer, dark sodas, dairy products, breads, animal livers, and other processed meats.


While it may feel like you are having to restrict a large portion and variety of foods from your diet, it is important to focus on the positives! There are many delicious foods that are good for those with kidney problems.


Listed below are some of the best foods for those who struggle with kidney health:

-Cauliflower    -Blueberries    -Sea Bass    -Red Grapes

-Egg Whites    -Garlic        -Buckwheat    -Olive Oil

-Bulgur        -Cabbage    -Onions    -Skinless Chicken

-Arugula    -Radish    -Turnips    -Cranberries



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